What are the common reasons for refusal?


  1. Lack of sufficient funds: Applicants are required to provide proof of adequate funds for the first year of their program and living expenses for themselves and additional family members if any. It is also expected that the candidate has proof of passive income for the subsequent years of study as per the program duration.
  2. Choice of Study program: Choice of program must align with previous education and/or work history.
  3. Lack of Ties to home country: Lack of family ties, assets or opportunity in home country.
  4. Lack of Travel history: Lack of foreign travel history can raise red flags. Visa officer wants to see a history of timely return to home country.
  5. Low level of English: An official English or French exam is important. IELTS score is not required for non SDS categories. However, for the SDS countries it is highly expected that the applicant meets the minimum IELTS required score.

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