Three main strategies

In the case of visa refusal, what are the three main strategies to be followed?

Upon refusal, you may follow one of the strategies for re-application.

It is crucial that you apply for reconsideration within the first couple of days after receiving a refusal letter.

These are the three main ways in which this could be done:

Defend: Reconsideration: Correspond with the visa office and request that they reconsider their decision. Reconsideration is an opportunity for the applicant to either point out an oversight committed by the visa officer or advise the visa officer of evidence which was overlooked at the time when the refusal was made.

Amend: Reapply: Identify mistakes or missing information and reapply. We usually recommend reapplying after receiving the ATIP.

Appeal: Applicant from outside of Canada has 60 days from date of refusal to file for judicial review.

Example: Katerina is a prospective student with whose Study Permit application got rejected. In this case Katerina may be able to submit a reconsideration letter if she has strong reasons to believe the outcome should have been different. In her reconsideration letter she may be able to include new or existing proof of her documents. The Immigration officer may not respond to this request however it is worth giving it a chance!

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