Synchronizing Information

How important it is to submit synchronized documents that match in all places while applying for study permit?

Synchronizing Information:

When submitting your supporting documents for Study Permit application you should ensure that the name of the business/company that you are employed by or own as well as the position that you hold is the same on your Resume, Website and all your Social Media Platforms to increase the credibility of your application.

Example: Karan, was one of the applicants who was sponsored by his company in which he worked as a CEO. However, during the time of application, the name of the company he had mentioned on his application was different from what was shown on the official website. Due to this, his application had been rejected.

It is important to note that the Immigration officers check your LinkedIn profile, resume and official website of the company the student is employed by or owns.

All information should be synchronized with any official proof that you are using in the application to strengthen it.

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