Post Graduation Work Permit





In this training you will gain all the key skills and practices associated with applying for PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit) Everything from how to create online profile, filling out the related forms and uploading the documents. In our trainings we guide you through short tutorial videos, simulations and provide you with lots of examples, and an easy to follow checklist to help you prepare and submit PGWP . the module is designed by highly experienced immigration consultants. By end of this training, you can apply for the PGWP by your own.

The training is designed in 5 courses:
1- What is a PGWP?
2- Who can apply for one?
– Length Of a PGWP
-Length of PGWP Unique Scenarios
3- What are the rules governing a PGWP?
4- What is the process to apply for a PGWP online?
– Create GCKEY account
– Prerequisite questions for your IRCC profile
– Filling out the required form
– Required documents
– Processing time
– Fees
5- FAQs

Applicable scenario:
An international student who completed the MBA program for 2 years and now applying for 3 years PGWP


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