British Columbia Tech Pilot Program training


The BC Provincial Nominee Program




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The BC Provincial Nominee Program Tech Pilot offers an expedited immigration pathway for people with tech skills applying to be permanent Canadian residents. The Tech Pilot offers many advantages over other Permanent Residency application streams.
Tech Pilot applications are given priority and are therefore processed faster than other permanent residency applications. Tech pilot invitations to apply are also given out at a more frequent rate than other programs.
Most permanent resident application streams require a job offer of indeterminant length. Job offers for this program do not. You may apply with a job offer that is at minimum one-year in length. The Tech Pilot program also offers temporary work permits so you can start your job even while your PR application is in processing. Your employer does not have to go through an LMIA process. They just need to provide a job offer letter and meet basic employer requirements.

Tech Pilot Application Streams
– International Graduate Program
– Skilled Worker Program

– Job Offer
– Work Experience
– Income Requirement
– Language test
Scoring Sections
– Economic Factors
– Human Capital Factors


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