previous studies and-or employment

How important it is to co-relate your previous schooling and employment such that they are consistent with your intended studies?

When you are applying for your Study Permit, a main part of convincing the Immigration Officer has to do with the previous studies and/or employment and how they co-relate to your new studies. Therefore, it is important to chart out a proper study plan to understand the reasons and purpose for higher studies in Canada. This helps in proper communication of the plan to the visa officer efficiently and effectively.
Failing to provide sufficient information may result in your application being rejected on the grounds that your background does not connect to the field you are looking to pursue.

A proper study plan or statement of purpose enables a visa officer to understand why a particular student wants to opt for Canada as their study destination, but they also want to ensure that the student follows their plan sincerely.
Example: Behrad applied to DLI for the MBA program. His Study Permit application got rejected as his previous educational and employment background was in Dentistry. He was operating as a Dental Surgeon, therefore his Study Plan was not convincing enough to show how this MBA program can help him in his Dental career.

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