What are GCMS Notes?

GCMS stands for “Global Case Management System.” It refers to the data management system that IRCC uses to store applicant information.  The system includes a detailed record of each applicant’s file, including correspondence from and to IRCC, along with the officer’s case notes. and are useful especially when an applicant wants to know why their application for any particular visa has been rejected.

How does it work?

An applicant can submit a request for the officer notes under the Access to Information and Privacy Act and Copies of documents/forms sent to and received from IRCC

When should I order?

You may apply for your notes as soon as you have received a rejection letter or if there is delay on your application

Why I should order?

If you wish to overcome a study permit refusal, you must come up with a strong strategy. A strong strategy requires an understanding of the reasons behind why your application was refused so that you can take steps to address those short comings.

When I will receive the notes?

Under the Canadian Access to Information and Privacy Act, the IRCC has to respond to a request for GCMS notes within 30 days. However, some times it take more than 30 days and it depends on work load on different offices.

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