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How important is the Financial Proof in your study permit application?

What are the essential financial documents to be submitted for success of the application?

Strong financial proof is one of the main winning factors. Students who are looking to submit their Study Permit application need to be mindful of the Financial Support they are showing. The documents the students will provide can be different based on their unique application but the primary documents every student is required to provide are the following:

  1. Proof of your bank balance and bank statements for the past 4 months which includes minimum 10,000 dollars, plus first year tuition fee for any provinces except Quebec.
  2. Proof of an education or student loan from a financial institution.
  3. A letter from your sponsor or institution providing you with the fund.
  4. Proof of paid tuition fees and it is recommended to pay the first-year tuition fees regardless of what amount the institution is asking.
  5. It is important to mention that the funds should not be deposited in bulk amounts few days or weeks prior to the submission. It should be consistent transactions.
  6. Evidence of passive income for your second year of studies (example rental property)

Example: Samuel had submitted his Study Permit application with his mother being his financial supporter. His mother’s overall statements were modest, however prior to submitting his application large amounts were deposited into her account which caused the Immigration Officer to be convinced that behavior was not genuine enough and the source of funding created suspicion that resulted in the rejection of his application. So, always ensure financial proofs are genuine and legit.

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