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University Canada West

(UCW) is based in British Columbia, Canada.

It was founded in 2005 by David F. Strong, the former president of the University of Victoria. UCW was purchased in 2008 by the Eminata Group and in 2014 sold to Global University Systems, its present owners. Based in downtown Vancouver, the university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business and management.

Trebas Institute

music, film and management programs

Trebas Institute is a Canadian private, bilingual, post-secondary college that offers music, film and management programs, with campuses in Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto, Ontario. In May 2020, Trebas was acquired by Netherlands-headquartered private education company Global University Systems. Trebas was voted as one of the best institutions “where to train as an artist” at the Toronto Star 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards in October 2020. 


Toronto School of Management

Toronto School of Management (TSoM) is an innovative college offering a broad range of career-focused programs in business, hospitality and tourism, big data, cybersecurity and accounting. We provide relevant programs which ensure our students meet the demands of today’s ever-changing job market.


The Toronto School of Management is a registered private career college focused on providing world-class services and career support in the heart of the city, and is accredited by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

Niagara College toronto

The college IS BASED IN canada.

Niagara College and the Toronto School of Management have partnered to offer Niagara College’s most sought-after programs in the City of Toronto, Ontario. Toronto, like the Niagara Region, is a hub of tourism and business in Canada and is one of Canada’s largest and most multicultural cities in a country known for its diversity. Now students have the ability to access the incredible employment opportunities in two of Canada’s greatest regions.
Through the Niagara College and Toronto School of Management partnership, the Toronto School of Management delivers Niagara College programs and services at the Toronto campus, providing high standards of instruction and student services. Students that study at the Toronto campus will receive a Niagara College credential upon graduation.


Canadian College of Technology and Business

Courses: Business Management Diploma Co-op, International Trade Diploma Co-op, Hospitality Management Diploma Co-op, Project Management Diploma Co-op, Information Technology Diploma Co-op.