Enhance the chances of success for a study permit

What are the main factors that enhance the chances of success for a study permit application? Greater probability to succeed if these boxes are checked:

Strong Financials: The required documents usually include bank statement, employer letter or financial support letter or other documentation supporting the applicant’s financial capacity.

Previous Education in line with the program applied: It is important that the intended study program should have a fall back with the previous work and/or study history. There must be a strong match between the current program applied for and the previous education and employment fields in which the applicant has graduated or worked for.

Strong Ties with homeland: Applicants should prove their ties from multiple components such as an existing and legitimate job or job offer or spouse, children, or parents in their home country.

For example: If a student is a sole applicant and the spouse or children will remain in their own country this significantly amplifies a strong tie to one’s home country and illustrates a clear and brighter career path for their return.

Further examples of strong ties to one’s country include owning property in home country or shares of a company based in the student’s country. An example of an ineffective tie to one’s home country would be that of a Chinese citizen having property in Europe. The property must be owned and registered in the country of student’s origin.

Previous Travel History: In addition, good travel history such as previously visiting countries like Canada, USA or Australia and not just countries bordering home countries is viewed very positive.

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