Study Permit Outside Canada-Farsi

Are you an international student looking for study permit to Canada but you want to apply on your own?
Ala · February 20, 2021

Module Info & Overview in Farsi

Gain all the key skills and practices associated with submiting your study permit application. Everything from how  to create online profile to submitting your application online. In our  trainings we  guide you through short tutorial videos, simulations and provide you with lots of examples, and an easy to follow checklist to help you prepare and submit your study permit application. the module is designed by highly experienced immigration consultants.

Training 1 

1- Introduction
2-How to search DLI
3- important factors for study permit
4- Bonafide students  (Age of applicant, Drastic transition in career path/education path, valid statues, Family in Canada)
Training 2
Tips for Strong study plan, Review Sample Study plan 1, Review  Sample Study plan 2
Training 3 
Tips for Resume,
How to Check your Letter OF Acceptance
Minimum funds, Proof Of Funds, Bank Letter,
Recommended proof funds, Financial supporter requirements
Training 4 
How to create an online account,
Training 5 
Client information, Table of contents on your Financial and LOE document. how to  Reduce files, 5 common mistakes on study permit application.
Training 6 
Study permit Form Simulation,
Family information Simulation
Schdule one Simluation
Training  7
Refusal letter, Review 8 GCMS notes (officer notes)
Training 8
How and when  to send a webform to IRCC , How to check the processing time

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