How can I change my visitor visa to study permit

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If you are planning to visit Canada and or you are already in Canada with a visitor visa or ETA you might be eligible to change your Temporary Resident Visa to a study permit.

 If you applied for the program and were accepted on the condition of completing a short-term program which is a prerequisite for this specific degree at the college or university you are eligible to change your statues without leaving Canada.

According to IRPR, the foreign nationals and temporary residents who may apply for a study permit after entering Canada [R215], have to complete a course or program of study that is a prerequisite for their enrolment at a DLI [R215(1)(f)(iii)].

 Based on the partnership MOU signed (partnership type: ESL Pathways) between the college or university and the ESL provider. You have to complete the ” Pathway program”. After  minimum of two months of intensive in-person class/online, I could meet the English requirement at your college Upon submitting this certificate and transcript  to your college or university, your  conditional acceptance turned into an unconditional one After paying the required deposit you can apply for visa

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