Can I return home or travel outside Canada while studying?

A work permit or study permit is not a visa. IRCC won’t automatically issue you a visitor visa if you extend your work or study permit. If you need a new visitor visa, you may need to submit a separate application. You should apply at least 2 months before you plan to leave Canada. You can apply for a visitor visa from inside Canada if you meet all the conditions below:

• you’re already in Canada
• you hold a valid study or work permit
• you want to leave and return to Canada in the near future.
• your existing visitor visa is expired or was valid for only one entry

Example: Thomas is a student with TSOM who has renewed his Study Permit, however he has not renewed his Temporary Resident Visa. In order, for Thomas to be able to travel he needs to also apply separately for his Visa. His Study Permit is what keeps him in the country but in order to travel he needs to apply for a visit visa separately.

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