3 mistakes in your study permit application

What are the top 3 mistakes in your study permit application and how can you avoid them?

Finally, let us summarize the top three mistakes that are most likely to be made in an application.

Hopefully, it may help avoid any future issues that one may come across.

First off, the Study permit processing time while applying from outside Canada is now centralized as 13 weeks across all countries (subject to change). Apply 3 months before the start date of your program to avoid last minute hassles. It is best to apply early and not too close to the start date to avoid refusal.

Second, honesty is important, and no information should be withheld. Some applicants choose to hide background information. Doing so, has very serious and negative implications and the result is not worth the loss. When uploading various documents always ensure sufficient financial and supportive documents are submitted. Never submit fraudulent documents. If IRCC finds an applicant submitted a fake document, the person would be banned from applying or staying in Canada for 5 years. If someone has such a record on file, it is difficult for future applications not only to Canada but also to other countries like the USA as there is an information exchange between the governments of countries

Third – Proper study plan – Failure to show a proper study plan as discussed in the start can lower the chances of approval.

All in all, if the applicant can prove everything he or she has as a legitimate tie to his homeland and the main purpose of going to Canada is to study, getting a visa is not that difficult.

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